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Computer Society Of India
Udaipur Chapter
Division-IV, I

Hosted By

Sunrise Group of Institutions

Associated with

The Institution of Engineers(India)
Udaipur Local Center

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Conference Proceedings by ACM - ICPS
Proceedings Volume ISBN No 978-1-4503-3216-3

Organising Committee

General Chairs

Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra, Chairman, Division IV, CSI
Dr. Dharm Singh, Convener, SIG-WNS, CSI

Organising Chairs

Dr. B R Ranwah, Chairman, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Dr. Manuj Joshi, Sunrise Group of Institutions, Udaipur
Er. A S Choondawat, Chairman, IE(I), ULC

Organising Co-chairs

Dr. Y C Bhatt, Vice Chairman, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Dr. Naveen Choudhary, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Dr. Pushpendra Singh, Sunrise Group of Institutions, Udaipur
Er. M K Mathur, Joint Hon. Secretary, IE(I), ULC

Local Arrangements Chair

Mr. Amit Joshi
Hon. Secretary, CSI Udaipur Chapter

Finance Chair

Prof. S K Sharma
Treasurer, CSI Udaipur Chapter

Organising Secretary

Mr. Amit Joshi, CSI Udaipur Chapter
(Email) er.amitjoshi@live.in
(M) +91 9460488464

Conference Secretary

Er. Abhijeet Sharma, CSI Udaipur Chapter
(Email) er.abhijeetsharma@live.in
(M) +91 9887147874

Finance Secretary

Mr. Himanshu Jain
Director, Sunrise Group of Institutions

Resource Mobilization Committee

Chair: Dr. Navneet Agarwal, CSI, Udaipur Chapter
Members: Ms. Esha Mathur, SGI, Udaipur
Mrs. Priyanka Paliwal, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Mr. Nagendra Singh, SGI,
Ms. Aditi Bhatnagar, SGI, Udaipur

Registration Committee

Chair: Prof. S K Sharma, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Members: Ms. Ridhima Khamesra, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Ms. Drashti Dave, CTAE, Udaipur Chapter
Ms. Neha Mehta, CTAE, Udaipur
Mr. Dinkar Narayan, SGI

Press & Publicity Committee

Chair: Dr. Tarun Shrimali, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Members: Dr. Hemant Sahu, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Mr. Gaurav Kumawat, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Mr. Jubin Jain, SGI, Udaipur
Mr. Bhupendra Shrimali, SGI, Udaipur

Reception Committee

Chair: Dr. Paras Kothari, CSI, Udaipur Chapter
Members: Dr. Parul Arora, SGI Udaipur
Ms. Aarti Chandra, SGI, Udaipur
S/Lt. Shailja Ranawat, Udaipur
Ms. Akanasha Yadav, SGI, Udaipur

Transport Committee

Chair: Dr. Bharat Singh Deora, CSI, Udaipur Chapter
Members: Mr. Jitendra Singh Chauhan, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Mr. Somnath Mukherjee, SGI, Udaipur
Mr Jatin Taldar, SGI, Udaipur
Mr. Sandeep Mehta, SGI, Udaipur

Hotel and Stay Committee

Chair: Er. Shanti Lal Mathur, CSI, Udaipur Chapter
Members: Mr. Dinesh Sukhwal, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Mr. Jitendra Singh Chauhan, CSI Udaipur Chapter
Mr. Gaurav Sharma, SGI Udaipur
Mr. Saurabh Sharma, SGI, Udaipur

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